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Integrated service provider of all-oxygen glass kiln,High-tech enterprise,The development and manufacture high quality refractory!

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Specialized is engaged in the total oxygen burning glass kiln, glass fiber kiln high quality refractories for 27 years, so far for the development of high-tech technology enterprises, with a number of patented technology for refractory material, has now become a fused cast refractories leading enterprises.
Kiln design
Kiln construction
Equipment manufacturing
The company is a pioneer in the design of energy-saving and environment-friendly kilns, specializing in the r&d and design of energy-saving kilns and has dozens of senior engineers.
The company is an advocate of energy-saving and environmental protection kilns, with the kiln engineering construction qualification. We provide one-stop after-sales service such as kiln technology design, construction, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, training and so on, so that you can feel more relieved, relieved and relieved.
The company specializes in kiln equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning services. Leading brand, strong strength, high reputation. Received a number of qualifications and honors. Provide one-stop service from refractory products to kiln design, engineering and equipment manufacturing
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Rich experience - 27 years experience in refractory production
     Ruitaike is a collection of high - quality refractory research and development manufacturing and marketing, as well as full oxygen extension Glass burning kiln integrated service as the core business of high-tech enterprises, headquartered in the world of materials Capital city - xinmi city, henan province. Specializing in refractory production for 27 years, the company covers an area 40,000 square meters with more than 100 employees.
Manufacturer direct selling, fast delivery, high cost - performance
       Professional technical team, production team, 27 years of customization experience, no intermediate generation Reasonable, cost-effective. Many dust-free production workshops, large storage warehouses, production fast, inventory The foot. 24 hours delivery, spot goods, short delivery cycle. Provide everything from procurement to site safety One-stop refractory service for installation, commissioning and later technical guidance.
Technical support - automation equipment, fine research and development
Professional r&d team, with a number of patents, international standards. Advanced refractories, Firebrick CNC production equipment, intelligent control system. High efficiency refractory production line and technology  Technology, full automation production. Inspection equipment, layer upon layer inspection and check, to ensure quality.
Ruitaike Multiple certificates of honor!!
Give full play to the spirit of craftsman and strive for excellence

Chairman zhang hongzhe was invited back to his Alm

Invited by his Alma mater, chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhang Gongzhe April 16-17 back to shan university participated in the 60 anniversary series activities, mainly on refractories xinmi characteristic industry technology upgrade and talent introduction and shan university school of materials science and engineering college set up a bridge of cooperation; Cooperation agreement was signed between the enterprise and shaanxi university of science and technology.

Shaanxi university of science and technology is the only so light industry for China's western region characteristic of multidisciplinary university, is the national "Midwestern university base ability construction project" construction of colleges and universities, is the "twelfth five-year" key construction of shaanxi province during the period of high level university. Founded in 1958 and then known as Beijing institute of light industry, the school is the first light industry college in new China. Moved to xianyang, shaanxi province in 1970, renamed northwest light industry college; In 1978, it was designated by the state council as one of the 88 key universities in China. Approved by the ministry of education in 2002, it was renamed shaanxi university of science and technology. In 2006, the school moved east to xi 'an.

The school has three campuses, namely xi 'an weiyang campus, taihua road campus and xianyang campus, with a total area of 2,055 mu and a construction area of 1,296,000 square meters. The school has more than 1200 full-time teachers and nearly 600 people with senior professional and technical titles. There are more than 23,000 full-time students, including more than 2,700 doctoral and master's degrees. The library holds nearly two million volumes.

Among them, the inorganic nonmetal material engineering specialty is the international engineering education accreditation, national professional characteristics, national comprehensive reform pilot professional education "outstanding engineers training plan", the ministry of education pilot specialty, in shaanxi province famous brand. Sets of flow of postdoctoral scientific research, have doctor, master's degree of architecture, with national college students outside school practice bases training mode innovation experimental area, shaanxi province, shaanxi team, the shaanxi provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. To train senior engineering and technical personnel with abilities in new product development, process design, scientific research, process management, quality inspection and other aspects of inorganic non-metallic materials industry.

Xinmi refractory industry is the most unique, most influential traditional pillar industries, originated in 1958, after more than 50 years of construction and development, products covered by the iron and steel, cement, nonferrous metal, glass, petrochemical, 9 major categories such as proportion of henan province and the national 30% and 15% respectively, in which cement with refractory material, glass industry accounted for 50% of the country, Has been named the "national refractories industry base", "provincial refractory characteristics of high and new technology industry base", "new refractories export base in henan province", "famous brand of henan province demonstration zone", strive to build "national level billions of new refractory material industry base".

Xinmi has a total of 305 enterprises engaged in various types of refractories and over 80,000 employees. Has China's well-known trademark in item 2, 32 provincial famous trademark, brand-name products, 23, has emerged the cooperates the science and technology, aneca, Warwick refractories, zhengzhou ruitai, Oriental, hunter refractories, the power industry, a large number of tyco excellent backbone enterprises.

Vision due to the need of industrial upgrading, mi county government, set up the billions of new refractory material industry base, the development of the overall planning industry layout, the technical innovation and introducing talents attaches great importance to. Coincides with jia shan hkust anniversary by xinmi level billions of new type refractories Han Qiming vice director of office of leading group with field among the refractory material, nine long refractory material, such as red tyco companies to shan hkust greetings, communication and remarkable achievements.

On April 16, party secretary of shanxi institute of materials science and engineering at hkust fu-sheng Chen on behalf of the materials, deputy director of the college of engineering for Han Qiming Zhang Gongzhe the chairman will be, a line held a welcome exchange Wang Zhuo, vice President of the institute of materials science and engineering, dean assistant Tian Shaoning, professor guo-ping Chen experts, teachers attend a welcome exchange, are introduced the development of materials science and engineering college, scientific research achievements, professional achievements and graduates, etc., the two sides emphasize the student internship, employment, technology transfer and cooperation has carried on the thorough discussion, agreed that the broad prospects for cooperation, the next step will arrange personnel to further exchange visits. Conference, Zhang Gongzhe, chairman of the report to the leadership and teachers themselves after graduation obtain employment and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial opportunities provided by the school culture and xinmi thank, focus on communication with the experts and professors of enterprises in terms of total oxygen burning glass kiln technology reserves, practices and performance, as well as the progress of enterprises in regard to the development of specialty materials, obtained the school affirmation and guidance of experts and professors.

On April 17, chairman zhang hongzhe and vice director han qiming visited the key laboratory of the school of materials science and engineering and exchanged views with professor guo hongwei. Subsequently, I attended the signing ceremony and the special job fair of the alumni recruitment activity week of shaanxi university of science and technology.

Chairman zhang hongzhe also signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the college of materials science and engineering, hoping to promote the development of the enterprise by relying on the talents and technical advantages of shaanxi university of science and technology.


Exchange and negotiation with college of materials science and engineering of shaanxi university of science and technology1


Exchange and negotiation with college of materials science and engineering of shaanxi university of science and technology2


Report to the leading teachers of the school of materials science and engineering, shaanxi university of science and technology


Take a photo with leaders and experts from the school of materials science and engineering


Photo taken with alumni attending the recruitment activity of shaanxi university of science and technology


Signed school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the school of materials science and engineering

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